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Were you in an accident resulting in vehicle repairs, and you were not at fault?

When you get into a car or motorcycle accident, especially when it’s not your fault, insurance should fix the damage, right? But what about the vehicle’s loss in value? Even after your vehicle has been completely repaired, it could be worth less simply because of the loss history or “stigma” associated with a damaged vehicle. This unrecovered value is commonly referred to as Inherent Diminished Value.

Expert Appraisal Group’s team of licensed insurance professionals, all with years of experience, can evaluate the merits of your claim and provide you with a report to submit to the negligent party or their insurance company. While many of our diminished value reviews and assessments are done in Texas, we work with clients in neighboring states and across the U.S.

Simply fill out our online form (all required fields) and submit. We will let you know within 48 hours if you have a valid Diminished Value claim or not. Then you have the option of buying our comprehensive Diminished Value Report on your vehicle.[/vc]


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With Expert Appraisal Group you gain a knowledge base that goes beyond diminished value to include insurance adjusting, vehicle appraisals, and vehicle repair operations. We have the certifications and experience you need for accurate vehicle appraisals and maximum diminished value.

Theron and Chris are both Licensed Adjusters in the great state of Texas.

Together, Chris and Theron have over 35 years experience working in the insurance industry.

Chris Smith has over 10 years of experience as a Body Shop Owner / Operator.

PlatinumThe industry-recognized Platinum designation is given to collision repair professionals who achieve and maintain high levels of role-relevant training that contributes to complete, safe and quality repairs. Training to Platinum keeps professionals current on vehicle technology, improves their job performance and assists their career development.

We understand the limitation of what frame straightening can actually do and the inherent value lost from an accident.

We understand the Automotive Repair industry even down to the finishing touches.